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8 Secrets Employers Crave But Never Ask For

In today's competitive job market, having technical skills and experience alone is not enough to secure a job. 

Employers now look for candidates who possess strong soft skills, which are the interpersonal and communication abilities that enable effective teamwork, relationship-building, and problem-solving even in challenging situations. 

Recent studies reveal that the following eight soft skills are crucial for career growth:


1. Problem-solving 

Analysing problems, identifying root causes, and developing practical solutions are essential skills in any role. You can practice critical thinking, break down large problems into smaller tasks to improve your problem-solving ability, and reflect on your approach.

2. Teamwork & communication 

Effective communication and teamwork skills are critical for success in any team-based environment. You can improve your skills by participating in group projects, building trust, offering help to others, and actively listening to others.

3. Time management 

Managing time effectively is essential for meeting deadlines and completing tasks efficiently. To improve your time management skills, you can use techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, prioritise tasks, and learn to say no to non-essential tasks.

4. Resilience

Bouncing back from setbacks and challenges is essential for handling any career's inevitable ups and downs. To improve your resilience, you can practice self-care activities, surround yourself with supportive people, and develop a positive attitude.

5. Emotional intelligence 

Understanding and managing your emotions and those of others are crucial for building strong relationships and navigating complex situations. You can practice empathy active listening, and reflect on your emotional responses to improve your emotional intelligence.

6. Creativity 

Thinking creatively and coming up with new ideas are essential for solving problems, developing innovative solutions, and standing out from the competition. To improve your creativity, you can engage in brainstorming sessions, challenge yourself to think outside the box and pursue activities that stimulate your imagination.

7. Lifelong learning 

Learning and adapting are essential for keeping up with the ever-changing demands of the workplace. To improve your lifelong learning skills, you can take online courses, attend workshops or seminars, and make learning a regular habit.

8. Intercultural competence 

Understanding and appreciating different cultures is essential for working effectively in a globalised workplace. To improve your intercultural competence, you can develop cultural awareness, practice respect and sensitivity towards individuals from diverse backgrounds, and learn about different cultures and customs.

By developing these eight soft skills, you can increase your chances of success in your career. Remember, soft skills are just as essential as hard skills, requiring time and practice to develop. 

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